last update: November 2018


The Hague Code of Conduct is a not legally binding instrument. Participation to this code is voluntary and open to all states.

Recognizing the rights of all states to use the benefit of outer space for peaceful purposes, subscribing states are required to implement some general measures, transparency measures (among them annual declarations about their national Ballistic Missiles programmes) and confidence building measures (exchange of pre-launch notifications on their Ballistic Missiles, Space Launch Vehicles launches and test flights).

Austria has been named Immediate Central Contact (ICC) for collecting and disseminating Confidence Building Measures submissions, as well as for receiving and announcing subscription of additional states.

For more information please contact the ICC:

Immediate Central Contact (Executive Secretariat):


  Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe

Integration and Foreign Affairs Department for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

Minoritenplatz 8

1010 Vienna



 +43 5 01150 3252/3691

 +43 5 01159 3252/3691


See also Austrian Foreign Ministry, Hague Code of Conduct Web Page.